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750ml Bottles of 4X Dragon Fruit Jin+Ja Concentrate (25 servings)


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This is what I like to call my superman serum with a twist. It is 4 times as powerful as the original Jin+Ja with a hint of dragonfruit, and provides an incredible burst of invigoration -- while containing less than 1/200th the level of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

It contains all the same healthy & delicious ingredients as the original Jin+Ja that the CBS show "The Doctors" recommended as the #1 way to drink yourself healthy, including fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, green tea, lemon & mint -- just with 4 times the amount of the same natural ingredients and including Dragonfruit.

You can either drink the 4X  Dragonfruit concentrate straight for a potent but delicious lift or for the same flavor as the original Jin+Ja Dragonfruit, simply dilute with 3 parts water.

The 4X concentrate is only available online & ships for free (regardless of your total order size).

Don't miss out on this healthy treat for your body.


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Customer Reviews

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My body thanks me!

I live with chronic pain due to fibromyalgia and four neck surgeries. The Jinja does give me an extra boost of energy and is even helping keep my fibro fog at bay... and that by itself is exciting! I love the taste especially that kick of cayenne pepper... it gets your attention and wakes the soul. I starting to notice less inflammation since I starting drinking Jinja and my body is grateful!

Help for pain

It help me with the rrpain in my body. I was taking pain pills about fou

Damaged shipment

I have not received the shipment, instead I have received the following message from UPS: "Your package was damaged in transit. We will notify the sender with details. / All merchandise discarded. UPS will attempt to notify the sender with details of the damage".

Dragon fruit

I love this dragon fruit Jin-ja!
It is so refreshing anytime! I have a shot in the morning and during my slump mid afternoon!
Energizing and helps my tummy also!!

How I use this delicious elixir!

As the welcoming face in a busy state ofc, I’ve come to rely on this product to keep me energized throughout my day! I start each morning w/a shot to get me going & take another depending on how many people I’ve helped fix their personal issues! It’s amazing how quickly I’m reenergized and can continue to help each client with total focus on helping resolve problems!

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