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2-Pack 4 oz Bottles of 4X Dragonfruit Jin+Ja Concentrate (8 servings)




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This is what I like to call my superman serum. It is 4 times as powerful as the original Jin+Ja and provides an incredible burst of invigoration -- while containing less than 1/200th the level of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

It contains all the same healthy & delicious ingredients as the original Jin+Ja that the CBS show "The Doctors" recommended as the #1 way to drink yourself healthy, including fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, green tea, lemon & mint -- just with 4 times the amount of the same natural ingredients.

You can either drink the 4X concentrate straight for a potent but delicious lift or for the same flavor as the original Jin+Ja, simply dilute the 4X concentrate with 3 parts water.

The 4X concentrate is only available online & ships for free (regardless of your total order size).

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Customer Reviews

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My Jin+Ja Secret

I've had a Massive Stroke and have Diabetes along with Hypothyroid Disease combined I had no energy and could not lose any weight that is until I started drinking great tasting Jin+JA it has turned my life around, I'm now working out on my Elliptical losing weight and feeling GREAT! Thanks Reuben


Love the product, I've been using it for about a week, it taste great and gives me a energy boost . Recommended the product to anyone looking for a healthy pick me up

It has a nice little kick to it

I tried it yesterday for the first time, and I must say it has kick that you have to get use to.


keep me awake in school.

good stuff

very tasty; i love ginger so anything with ginger I absolutely love; Jin+Ja combines superfruits like dragon fruit into a spicy/sweet/tangy mix of wholesome goodness. It's never disappointing. I want to buy more so that I can make my cocktails. If your taste buds are bored with the ordinary natural juices (pineapple, cranberry etc) try a little Jin+Ja in your mix -- you won't be dissatisfied! :-)

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