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Natural Fix For Holiday Indigestion


I used to think indigestion was something you got from bad company :) and then I found Google or as I like to call it the "Unfiltered oracle."  To my surprise there were plenty of ways to disturb your digestion.  Foods richer in fat or protein than your stomach really cares for, dairy and gluten are also usual suspects, of course smoking and drinking alcohol.  Is there any fun left that won’t kill you?

In all seriousness your digestive health is important.  Your GI tract is like your body’s engine.  One of nature's gifts to mankind to keep our engine tuned up and all pistons firing is ginger.  It's one of the oldest cultivated crops in the history of mankind for a reason: indigestion has been around as long as we've been eating. Ginger is nature's fast acting fix, like a fire extinguisher for the occasional flare ups that come and go.  Ginger helps break down foods that are high in protein and fat that can irritate even the most boilerplate of stomachs and also stimulates your metabolic function to keep things moving.  Any self-respecting smoothie worth its weight in fruit and protein will have a dose (or two) of ginger.  Same goes for stir-frys and salads for that matter.  The smart bet is getting your dose of ginger at least once a day.  The options are limitless!

Please keep in mind if your stomach ache is a consistently pestering visitor it is time to visit your favorite family doctor for a closer look. Keep it spicy!

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