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How can I boost my metabolism all-day?

by Reuben Canada

"Nature has a solution worth trying." 

Imagine burning 25%-45% more calories during the day while you are sitting at your computer tapping away for the man.  Imagine doing it without pills that may stop your heart or ruin your kidneys.  Nature has a solution worth trying because burning calories all day beats just doing it in the gym for an hour.

Burn Fat Ingredients

There are four natural ingredients that you can add to your diet that will burn calories and fat whether you are sitting at a desk, walking the dog or playing in the garden.  Ginger, Cayenne, Green tea and Lemon.  This isn’t magic.  Doctors have been studying this metabolism-boosting combo for decades.  One way fat and calories are burned is by raising the bodies temperature (its called thermogenesis) from the Ginger and Cayenne Pepper.  To help out powerful antioxidants in Green Tea also boost metabolism, whether you are moving around or sitting still.

Another perk is appetite suppression.  Unlike diet pills your appetite is safely suppressed with cayenne and ginger with no rebound (gorging).

Ginger also prevents the production of belly fat when you are stress out.  To help burn fat already there, Green Tea and Lemon turn on hormones that break it down.

Use this combination throughout the day for maximum effectiveness.  Unless you have a personal chef that can whip this up for you all day your best bet to get a high potency dose of this combination is Jin+Ja. Packed with Fresh Ginger, Green Tea, Cayenne pepper, Lemon and a dash of Mint, its the easiest way to get your calorie burning combination. Drink it hot or cold to trim down this spring.

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