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For a limited time, we're giving away 1,000 free samples of Jin+Ja. Each sample pack includes two bottles of Jin+Ja's original flavor. Claim yours now before they're all gone.

2-Pack (2 full servings)

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From: Reuben Canada, Creator of Jin+Ja

RE: Free Samples of Jin+Ja

Hi Friend --

I'm really excited to be giving away 1,000 FREE samples as a way to introduce you to Jin+Ja. Jin+Ja is a 100% all-natural wellness elixir that is a blend of ginger, green tea, lemon, mint, and cayenne pepper.

It all started back in my kitchen in 2009 when I was searching for exciting, powerful flavors and I was just having fun with ingredients until I found the perfect harmony of flavor & sensation. 

I remember the first time I took Jin+Ja to a food show, and the response was amazing. We sold out in less than hour. At that point, I knew I have created something that people really wanted.

Since then, I've been sharing Jin+Ja across the nation and it has been featured on TV's "The Doctors", CNBC, ABC, USA Today & the New York Times.

Now, I want to share the amazing flavor of Jin+Ja with you for free.

Talk soon,

Reuben Signature

P.S. Do me a favor and tell your friends on Facebook or by email about Jin+Ja, but not before you grab your free sample pack (supplies are limited)! 

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