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Dear 48%, I’m Sorry I Missed You. Sincerely, Flu Shot!

By Reuben Canada

"No mater what strain of flu is floating around, it's no match for a healthy immune system" 


The CDC has reported this year’s flu shot vaccine will be the weakest one yet, barely covering 48% of the flu strains that will be attacking this year.  When science stumbles we need to go back to our roots to reinforce our immune system, our natural defense against getting sick. Compounds present in ginger, cayenne and green tea can boost your ability to stay healthy this season.

No mater what strain of flu is floating around it's no match for a healthy immune system.  A compromised immune systems allow a flu to settle in and make your life miserable.  Prolonged stress in the form of worry is one way to compromise your immune system.  Worrying about getting sick can literally make you sick.  The irony!

Sick Woman. Flu. Woman Caught Cold. Sneezing into Tissue

How do you stop worrying about getting sick? Get back to the basics and take an immune booster every day.  Ginger is an immune booster.  How?  It’s a powerful natural anti viral and anti bacterial that you can consume and not worry about your stomach acid destroying like most probiotics.  Numerous studies have shown gingers effectiveness.  Same is true of green tea, cayenne pepper and lemon.

My favorite morning mix to boost my immune system is Jin+Ja, bananas and blueberries.  The vitamin B in bananas and blueberries help fight infection.  Combined with fresh ginger, cayenne pepper and green tea you will be better prepared to take on the flu no matter which strain comes your way.

Try the Morning Flu Fighter recipe to boost your immune system and start your day off with a healthy spark.

Flu-Fighter Recipe




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