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750ml Bottles of 4X Jin+Ja Concentrate (25 servings)


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This is what I like to call my superman serum. It is 4 times as powerful as the original Jin+Ja and provides an incredible burst of invigoration -- while containing less than 1/200th the level of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

It contains all the same healthy & delicious ingredients as the original Jin+Ja that the CBS show "The Doctors" recommended as the #1 way to drink yourself healthy, including fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, green tea, lemon & mint -- just with 4 times the amount of the same natural ingredients.

You can either drink the 4X concentrate straight for a potent but delicious lift or for the same flavor as the original Jin+Ja, simply dilute the 4X concentrate with 3 parts water.

The 4X concentrate is only available online & ships for free (regardless of your total order size).

Don't miss out on this healthy treat for your body.

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Customer Reviews

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Hot Stuff

Yes, I enjoy the drink. Great pick me up. I do mix mine with water, however my son (12) drinks it straight.


I love Jinja! It is delicious. I prefer the Jinja with passion fruit! It helps me stay focused and keeps my gut balanced.

Love Jinja!

Makes me feel great. Customer service has been excellent! I do wish it was more affordable so it could be an everyday habit.

Omg can’t live without my jinja!!!

I use mine in a 40 ounce bottle with raspberry lemonade crystal light. I take the whole days worth in the water bottle.

Good taste

It has a good taste but to hot for me!!! I know I am a baby when it comes to hot stuff but I just don’t anything hot. I will drink it but I have to ton it down some. And it is very expensive don’t know if I can afford it to long.

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