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Jin+Ja vs. Grandma's Arthritis


"I woke up the next day with the pain and inflammation from my arthritis and fibromyalgia gone!" ~ Eric Trent

It was about two years ago that my grandmother began calling me on a somewhat regular basis.  This was significant because decades would pass without a call from grandma.  She is a fiercely independent woman and lives a happy and full life.

It was a pleasant surprise to get a call from her every three weeks and in her sweetest voice say, “Grandson, would you please send Grandma some of that jinji juice you make?  You know it helps Grandma with her back arthritis!” No matter how old you are Grandma’s approval feels like the sun shining right on you. I didn’t give too much thought to if Jin+Ja really helped with her arthritis, I was just happy to get a phone call from her and even happier knowing she liked it enough to ask for it. 

Fast-forward 18 months to April 2014.  We were sampling Jin+Ja at the Green Festival in New York City.  The next day an email arrives from Sue in Connecticut who purchased three bottles at that festival.  She said for first time in over a year that the pain and stiffness from her fibromyalgia eased enough for her to get an adjustment from her chiropractor.  The only problem was she had run out and didn’t know where to buy it in Connecticut. We found a Fairway Market and overnighted her a case as well. I love being able to connect with customers directly like this. Stories like this make it all worthwhile.

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Growing up in a society where you take pills for serious health problems made me blind to the possibility that all of these 'cures' were copied from natural ingredients that worked just as well.  So why not use the ingredients they copied to make cheap solutions and skip the side effects? 

The ultimate lesson is to never underestimate the power of nature because it has been taking care of us since long before we started making pills.  Always consult your doctor, but use google and be the best patient possible, an educated patient. 


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