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Health benefits of ginger- the ‘magic plant’

Ginger is known as a “super food” for a reason. With it, you can build a strong defense system against a number of illnesses. Although it may be difficult to consume it raw because of its strong flavor, it tastes great in tea, juice and other beverages.

 Let’s analyze some of its most important health benefits.

  1. Helps overcome Nausea: Nausea is a symptom which is common to a number of diseases or medical conditions. For centuries, people have tried to find a solution to this problem. Ginger has been found to be an effective cure for a number of different types of nausea, like morning sickness usually related to pregnancy, nausea caused when undergoing chemotherapy, and so on. It is also an effective antidote against post-surgery vomiting and nausea and queasiness-related sickness. It can also be used to treat motion sicknesses.
  1. Helps prevent cancer: Ginger has many highly powerful bioactive agents, like [6]-gingerol, which has been proven to play a preventive role against a number of deadly cancers like ovarian cancer, colon cancer, and so on. According to this report, Consuming ginger can lead to the destruction of ovarian cancer cells. In addition, since it is a known anti-inflammatory drug, it is also used in the treatment of inflammation of colon and intestines, thereby reducing the risk related to colon cancer. Some other studies have also provided proof that ginger is effective against pancreatic and breast cancers.
  1. Helps keep your heart healthy: Compounds in Ginger like Gingerol are also extremely effective in reducing risks related to cardiovascular diseases. In a recent study, ginger was shown to reduce cholesterol levels as effectively as cholesterol reducing drug atorvastatin. A study has also shown that ginger reduces blood sugar levels.
  1. Helps your digestive system: A recent study not only showed that Ginger inhibits acid reflux but it does so without harming acid barriers in the stomach. In addition, it also contains enzymes that reduce your chance of infection.
  1. It can reduce pain: A few studies have shown that consuming ginger in small quantities on a daily basis can reduce soreness and muscle pain caused by exercise. It can also reduce pain and discomfort caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Applying ginger oil along with sesame oil, mastic and cinnamon are known to provide relief from pain caused by osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis and other bone conditions. It contains an anti-inflammatory agent called gingerol which reduces pain related to soreness and swelling
  1. Headaches and migraines: Ginger can reduce extreme pains related to migraines and other headaches. It can reduce migraine-related pain without any side effects.
  1. Keeps your brain healthy:Aging is often accompanied by a steady decline in brain functions. Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation can cause redness and swelling in the brain and reduce its cognitive capacities. Bioactive agents and antioxidants like [10]-gingerol can reduce oxidation that produces harmful chemicals like nitric oxide that leads to swelling in the brain. It also contains elements like [6]-shogaol that also inhibits production of chemicals that attack neurons in the brain cells.
  1. That time of the month? No problem: A study has shown that ginger can reduce menstrual pain as effectively as expensive drugs like mefenamic acid and ibuprofen. Moreover, unlike these two, ginger has no side-effects.
  1. Fights infection: Many research studies have proven ginger to be a worthy antidote against a number of infection strains, be it bacterial or fungal. It reduces toothaches and other inflammatory gum infections like periodontitis and gingivitis. It prevents the growth of respiratory infection-causing bacteria like RSV virus. Some studies have identified ginger as a more potent weapon when fighting bacterial strains like Streptococcus pyrogens and Staphylococcus aureus among others, than antibiotics like ampicillin, tetracycline, and chloramphenicol. Fungal infections, the common reason behind a number of skin diseases and conditions, which are difficult to treat with conventional medicines, can be effectively treated with ginger. Ginger is so beneficial it is actually helping medical scientists develop new medicines to fight antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains without the fear of side effects.
  1. Protection against UV exposure: Ginger can also absorb UV rays and can prevent DNA damage caused by UVB rays. Since ginger is known to be rich in antioxidants, it can protect your skin from UV light exposure, as well as age-related conditions like wrinkles, fine lines, loss of skin elasticity, and so on.


Now that you know about the tremendous health benefits of ginger, try and increase the intake too. Once you try it, you will know the high energy levels it can fill your body with. After all, any form of ginger a day keeps the doctor away!

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