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10 Proven Health Benefits of Ginger You Probably Didn’t Know About

Health benefits of ginger- the ‘magic plant’ Ginger is known as a “super food” for a reason. With it, you can build a strong defense system against a number of illnesses. Although it may be difficult to consume it raw because of its strong flavor, it tastes great in tea, juice and other beverages.  Let’s analyze some of its most important health benefits. Helps overcome Nausea: Nausea is a symptom which is common to a number of diseases or medical conditions. For centuries, people have tried to find a solution to this problem. Ginger has been found to be an effective cure for a number of different types of nausea, like morning sickness usually related to pregnancy, nausea caused when...

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How to Make Jin+Ja Salmon Glaze

  Another great recipe submitted by the wonderful users of our Facebook group! This time, we're making a Jin+Ja Salmon Glaze. Here's what you'll need: Jin+Ja 4x Concentrate Corn Starch Cold Water Salmon Want to try the recipe? Click the image below.  

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How to Make Jin+Ja Tonic

  All sorts of awesome ideas are shared on our Facebook group everyday on how to drink Jin+Ja. We tried this recipe & loved it.  Here's what you'll need: Jin+Ja Original  Tonic Water  Mint  Cucumber Slices Want to try the recipe? Click the image below.      

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